Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

When four first grade girls get in trouble for knocking down a boy who is the size of two of them, you think you may have just seen it all.

This happened on the playground, and I wasn't on duty, but the kids were all in my class. I'd already ID'd the ringleader of this merry band of female mini-mercenaries when she very sweetly asked me if I would tell their teacher if they were bad. She spent most of the day whispering to the girl next to her and eyeballing me, so I had my eyeball on her.

Anyway, when I went out to pick up the kids, the duty teacher told me the four girls had knocked down this boy and started hitting and kicking him because he refused to chase them. In her words, it was "unprecedented" at the school and she was sending the matter directly to the principal. Fine with me.

The principal pulled them out of class, and told them to return to her office during afternoon recess to write apologies to the boy. The girls reminded me several times that they had this punishment to suffer. The interesting thing about first graders is that they recognize their duty to do the time for the crime. Not one of them played games with me about it or try to ditch it like older kids would.


  1. " the time for the crime." Funny.

    On Monday, I got beaten up by a first-grader who was the size of a preschooler. Luckily, she was small. I didn't even bruise.

  2. Wow. This is actually pretty cool! That is a story you will never forget as will the larger girl.

  3. 1st graders can be so silly. Beating up a kid because he wouldn't chase you? That's why I like the little ones.

    Not the beating up part though, that's bad.

  4. I do have to slyly appreciate the fact that the girls used their numbers when facing a larger opponent, but the poor kid may never live it down.