Tuesday, May 4, 2010


For the last two days, I've walked into the schools where I've picked up jobs to the greeting of, "Oh, we were expecting someone else."

I get it. I do. When a specific substitute is requested through the system, that sub has the option to accept or decline. If she sub declines, or if he or she accepts and then cancels, the system throws it back out to the general listing and anyone can grab it. For some reason, the teacher requesting the substitute doesn't get a notification of who will be showing up. Or perhaps they have to make an effort to go online and check. I don't really know.

Regardless, I couldn't help being slightly insulted to be greeted with disappointment that I wasn't the person these people were expecting to see. I'm not sure if I should be offended or amused. Clearly, it's not meant with malice, but it's not exactly warm or mannerly.

Or, maybe I'm just too sensitive. It's the end of the year. Everyone is tired. How long until summer?


  1. Vagabond Teacher, I swear we are treated as disposable teachers. It's like they got the wrong fabric for their couch, but it will have to do. My last bunch of job have been so bad, that I'm a little jaded right now.

    I'm sure they don't mean it. I've heard the same thing, but can only wonder if some other poor sub walks in and hears the same thing when the staff is expecting me.

  2. I'm with you... that is rather rude. I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it.

    And yes, I am exhausted and ready for summer.