Sunday, September 19, 2010


I worked three days last week and I have five days set up for this week. Two days this week are in middle school, and the other three days this week are at a district that isn't my favorite, but since I have about $1500 on my credit card from summer spending, I figured I'd better suck it up and take the work while I can get it.

It's interesting how my various districts are dealing with budget situations. I was in a First Grade class with 29 students last week. The rest of the district is similarly packed. Subbing in that type of situation is mostly noise control. After the first hour or so, it's really not possible to get anything of substance done. Another of my districts has ten furlough days on the calendar. Ten! And some of those days are reserved for in-services that would ordinarily get me some subbing work. My favorite district has put subs on an on-call basis only. No requests because pink-slipped teachers get called first for any sub jobs.


So, this year may be less fun, and more survival-mode. Although I'm getting calls, the calls are in a very difficult district that is something like 99% English learners. The schools are surrounded by high gates that are locked, and in some cases, the parking lot gets locked up as well, although I'm not sure that's so much for safety as to keep the local residents out of the lot.

I'm hoping that the situation in my favored district will get better and the teachers listed to sub will either get re-hired or make other choices. That's really the district where I'd like to work full-time, and the only way to get a foot in the door is to actually be there. That said, all experience is valid, right? It's all about learning.

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  1. Hopefully things will go okay in that school, and I'm SURE you'll learn a lot :)