Friday, August 6, 2010

Looking Ahead

It's been a relaxing summer so far. I've been doing a lot of reading and sleeping. The most stress I've been under has been pushing myself to get through workouts each day. That, and not spending money. I'm not doing so well with the second. I've been spending here and there, but it's adding up, and I'm going to Las Vegas for an upcoming weekend, so that will be even more spending. I have money in the bank, but I always hem and haw at paying off my bills in full, which lowers the balance in my savings account, versus paying part of it, which gives me the temporary feeling that I actually have money, but ends up costing in interest fees.

I've applied at several schools for full-time positions. Got two rejections based just on my application (not really a surprise, given that it's a employer's market and I have no experience outside of subbing) and one phone interview. I wasn't jumping for joy after the phone interview. Their first question was to describe my classroom set-up. I babbled on and made it up as I went along. Afterward, I thought I should have just described a room that I'd spent time in. Walking through my mind to describe a room that actually existed would probably have sounded a lot better than creating one on the fly. I think I did reasonably well on the rest of the questions.

So....I'm resigned to subbing another year and hoping that I do better than last year. I kind of bumped along last year. It was my first, so I was a little more focused on just getting by than doing all of the politicking that they tell you to do. I'll work on that this year. I was looking at the calendars for my school districts. Last year, all four districts had spring break the same week. This year, they're spread out over three different weeks. Bad because I can't just take a week off and blame it on the schedule. Good because maybe I'll make some money that month.

I've got about a month left of vacation. No clue when the sub jobs will start coming in. I'm hoping it's not too far into the fall!


  1. Oh, it is such a shame that you didn't get a job. I'm still pulling for you. In the meantime, I am sure you are the best sub in the universe.

  2. Ugh. Is it a good education market (or job market of any kind) ANYWHERE right now? Seems to me everyone's struggling.

    I hope something works out!