Saturday, March 20, 2010

What I Like

I was going through my recent posts and cleaning up some of my terrible grammar, and I noticed that there are more negative than positive posts. I suspect the reason for that is that when I'm wound up about something, I start tippy-typing to vent the frustration. When I've had a good day and I'm happy, I just move on and don't feel the need to write about it. It doesn't present the most balanced blog, so I thought that I'd try here to list things I really enjoy about my job, in no particular order:

  • I get hugs!
  • Teaching is centered in reality. The whole purpose of the job is to boil complex ideas down to simple building blocks. The rest of the world is covered in marketing sparkle and political spin. In a classroom I don't have to sell anything or try to make people believe a lie.
  • I enjoy going to different places each day. I would love to have a full contract and my own classroom, but there is value in subbing and seeing how things work in different classrooms, different grades, different schools, and different districts.
  • I get to read stories!
  • Sometimes, kids go home after a day with me knowing something they didn't know prior to that day.
  • Kids are cool!
  • I get to go outside during the day.
  • For the most part, other teachers are very kind and helpful.
  • I get to teach art. And music. And math. And reading. And history. And do science experiments. And tell kids never to start a sentence with the word "and."
  • The random things that crack kids up are hilarious!
  • Even on the worst days, when the kids are the most out of control, I think about my days of working in an office and thank my lucky stars that I get to be in an elementary school!


  1. This is good timing because yesterday I was down about one of the worst aspects of subbing - I feel like a stranger everywhere I go. I'm never in one school long enough or often enough to have friends. : (
    You reminded me of some of the positives.

  2. How sad a commentary on society when a great thing about a job is getting to go outside for a little while?

    I don't hug the kids due to the fact that I am a guy. I get to make up for it with my own kids though.