Thursday, January 7, 2010


I love to watch men play with little kids. It's just different than watching women interact with children. Women will supervise, but seldom actually get into the pretend world that the kids create. Men jump in full force.

Yesterday, I worked in a preschool classroom equipped with a male aide. He was a really young guy, probably barely twenty years old, and the kids really seemed to like him, despite the fact that most of them didn't speak English. I was watching him on the playground, where the kids were riding tricycles around on a painted track. They would do the circle, and get to him and stop. He would bend down and perform pit-crew services on their "vehicles," gassing them up and moving them on. Then the next kid and the next and so on. They loved it!

Sometimes men get a bad rap from us women-folk for acting like children. But sometimes, acting like a child turns out to be the very best form of communication!

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